General Company Policies

Each participant in any route operated by Moto Expeditions, acknowledge and accept the conditions indicated in these general policies, which are absolutely binding between the company and the customer.


Reservations and Cancellations

  1. When making the pre-booking your trip, you must pay the sum of US $ 100.Non-refundable and is deducted from the final balance.
  2. When booking your trip, you must cancel according to the following schedule. Otherwise it is cause for suspension by the participant:
    • 150 days before departure: 20% of total trip
    • 150-90 days before departure: 50% of total trip
    • 90-31 days before departure: 80% of total trip
    • 30  days before departure: 100% of total trip.
  3. When booking a motorcycle must pay US $ 600 each.
  4. At least 45 days prior to departure, you must pay the difference. (Rent motorcycles). Otherwise it is cause for suspension by the participant.
  5. 100% of customer canceled when travel is suspended for Moto Expeditions, no mediating force majeure problems will be refunded.
  6. In case of suspension by the participant, the cancellations fee:
      1. Cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if cancelled 30 day(s) or less before the event
      2. Cancellation fee of 80.0% is charged if cancelled 89 day(s) or less before the event
      3. Cancellation fee of 50.0% is charged if cancelled 149 day(s) or less before the event
      4. Cancellation fee of 20.0% is charged if cancelled 150 day(s) or more before the event
  1. Moto Expeditions reserves the right to cancel the trip, with at least 24 hrs., In advance, not attributable to any of the pilots reasons and only for problems of force majeure (earthquakes, floods, closure of border crossings, security, etc.).
  2. The organization, so it can coordinate with the pilot another date and similar trip.
  3. The route may be modified by the tour guide only for security reasons the group; may be extended or limited in time and / or travel, without giving entitlement to a refund or compensation.
  4. Each driver and / or passenger may carry the luggage necessary for the route, taking reasons of safety and comfort.
  5. The company may exclude a number of pilot or route for reasons of misbehavior, poor health, did not address the safety recommendations and not respecting the rules of the country to visit.
  6. Each driver and / or passenger must carry all necessary documentation required for the contracted circuit. Both personal documents, vaccinations, insurance, passport, identity card, documentation of the bike, etc.
  7. The participant, either driver and / or passenger declares to know the risks associated with motorcycle tourism, and the potential for property damage, physical or mental connection with the contracted circuit damage.
  8. Values can be changed without notice. The reservations already done keep the original values.



  1. Motorcycle circuits are designed considering the safety and welfare of the pilot and passenger.
    Match breaks, routes and fuel supplies.
  2. All movements must comply with the Traffic Law in Chile.It is the responsibility of the driver and / or passenger carrying all the equipment for driving a motorcycle.
  3. In circuits where it is considered accompanying vehicle, you can carry cargo and additional bags.
    It has first aid kit, basic tools and spare parts; water and snack for the long haul.
    It can be used by the passenger.
  4. At the end of the circuit can be sent to the participant, bags and luggage brought to its destination.